"My policy for 30 years has been:  If it is good enough for me to sell, it is good enough for me to buy back.  That's why we offer one of the best return policies in the industry." 

"Quality in everything we make and do is not just an idea.   It is our style of working and thinking; it is our dedication to more than good business.   It is a way of life by which we give something back to others and our society." - Gene Williams, Pres./CEO

GM International, Inc         Phone: 800-228-9850
2219 Green Terrace Dr.      or       406-252-9006
Billings, MT  59102

Email:  gwilliams@gmipainmed.com

        Gene Williams - CEO  
        GM International, Inc.  
GMI's PainMed™      "No Risk Pain Relief" 
Fast, Long Lasting, Odorless, Stainless Pain Relief 
GMI is a 30 year old company founded by Gene Williams, a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer.  GMI is the home of GMI PainMed: The patented, guaranteed*, pain relief gel.  PainMed is long lasting, odorless, stainless, stingless.

Company Profile

WHO ARE WE?  - Family owned and operated in the United States, GM International was founded 30 years ago by our CEO, Gene Williams, based on a very simple premise.  As an arthritic suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, Gene was in desperate need of a treatment that could help his arthritis symptoms and the associated pains and discomforts.  Having tried numerous conventional remedies with little success, despondent and suffering through pain, Gene was forced to experiment with alternative pain medicine methods.  For over 3 1/2 years, Gene searched and experimented with many natural ingredients and eventually developed a formula that helped him get better.  Ever since that amazing day, he has dedicated his life to helping others overcome the pain of arthritis and other painful symptoms.  Learn more about Gene Williams at www.facebook.com and www.twitter.com.

WHAT DO WE DO?  -  GM International is a health products company specializing in natural medicines and methods of reducing painful symptoms of Arthritis pain, Rheumatism pain, Joint Pain, and most injuries resulting from accidents and sports injury related activities.

WHAT'S appealing about GM International?

·           FACT:  For 30 years, GMI has been distributing healthy, life renewing products to tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have included GMI's innovative health products as a part of their nutritional supplement program.

·           GM International products are formulated by our Master formulator, who has 30 years of experience developing health products for the nutrition industry.   To his credit, he has created hundreds of successful products for companies world-wide.   His genius is in all our formulations!

·           GM International products are manufactured with premium ingredients supplying only the best forms of the most easily assimilated ingredients available.

·           GM International is so confident in its products that your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.*  Try it for 60 days and if it doesn't work for you GMI will refund the purchase price and shipping & handling.... NO PROBLEM!!!

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